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Skills represent the full potential of human resources.
Find hidden talents of everyone
Evaluate the key competences of each person through a simple, complete and effective tool.
Discover the right role for your resource
Identify each person's attitudes and values through a tool based on the answers provided to real cases related to teamwork.
Find the best ones and do not let them escape
Take full advantage of our benchmarking tools to always make the best choice.

Feedback provided by people using our assessment tools

I believe that some of my skills are little better than DReCT test are showed. That skills are: Determination, Instinctivity, Listening, Flexibility, Motivation.
Elena, Marketing Specialist
I am satisfied with the results. Thank you.
Michael, Responsabile Commerciale
Un test facile e veloce che permette alla persona di autovalutarsi e autocriticarsi. Utile per capire in cosa dobbiamo migliorare e in cosa, a volte, esageriamo.
Davide, Capo Reparto


To manage the development and use of specific skills and complex business processes.
Skills & Talents
Identify, evaluate and develop people's talents, because they are the engine of companies and organizations.
Process & Operations
Monitor and improve the main factors of a production process, because efficiency and quality are achieved day after day

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Panoptikon, a unique tool in continuous evolution
Exagogica provides all its services through  its  proprietary platform.
Panoptikon is a modular, web based tool that allows you to manage and improve many processes within companies: assessment of human resources, development of skills, training processes, assessment for selection and guidance, employment of the workforce, management of the compliance, proactivity and rewarding of the workforce, EHS risk analysis, continuous improvement of production processes, analysis of economic losses and related causes.
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"We create value squeezing out the best of you!" 
We strongly believe in people and in team work. Not just in words. We do really believe it. Because it is in the group that human capital has been built.
The working group does not consist only in the sum of the capabilities of its people but above all in their ways of communication and interaction. Discover who we are and why, with our experience and tools, we are able to generate value also for your organization.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) represents, for us, a strategic tool to strengthen our competitiveness because it allows to operate in a more cohesive social context and favourable to economic development. We work to establish a solid relationship with all our employees, but also with our customers and the territory. Our belief and mission led us to  identify the  activity of support to the Culture and School as the best application field for our Social Responsibility policies.


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