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Exagogica starts up in 2014 to develop a business processes innovative system of control. We call it Panoptikon. The goal is the creation of a modular tool that can be used in the application of continuous improvement programs in the manufacturing sector and, in particular, in the automotive industry. The founder, Alessandro Obino, brings to the new company sixteen years of experience in software development and in-depth knowledge of World Class Manufacturing acquired over years of consultancy for the FCA group. The expertise of the shareholders and the relevant effort in development lead Exagogica to quickly establish in the market.

Our mission today remains to develop and distribute the best possible system to manage the continuous improvement in all kind of organization.

This is why we reinvest almost 100% of the profits in research and development. This has led us to create cutting-edge solutions. Exagogica, in fact, provides all its services on its proprietary platform, Panoptikon, a modular and web based solution. It allows our customers to manage the information flows to measure and improve several processes within their companies: from cost deployment to human resources development, from workstation readiness analysis to Health, Safety and the Environment management.