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  • Learning within the company - part II

    october 16, 2018

    In the situated learning theory, it is argued that skills must be continually renewed. Learning must therefore be considered as a continuous process of acquisition, development and enhancement of skills. From this perspective, action and learning are opposite sides of the same coin within a complex social environment. How to build a " ...

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    Learning within the company - Part I

    october 10, 2018

    The skills required in modern production organizations are so many and complex that their coding and standardization are increasingly difficult. For this reason, the Knowledge management is evolving, becoming more and more an "in-depth" process rather than a mere formalization. The creation of working and learning groups, able t ...

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  • know How Management in azienda

    Know How Management: learn the art and... get it back into the game!

    october 2, 2018

    Managing human capital means managing people, but also and above all the skills. Know How management is a key factor in the digital age, even if its management becomes more and more complex and dynamic. If in the past the goal of a system of Know How Management was the formalization of knowledge, its archiving and the creation of effectiv ...

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  • Processi di mentoring nelle aziende

    Nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed

    september 25, 2018

    Why are mentoring processes so important within the organization? Because they are the only ones able to enhance the development of the company’s key resources. Who are they? The seniors, those people who are called to act as mentors. Anyway, we must avoid to focus on the theoretical aspect of this process, rather than practical on ...

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  • "Branchia", the perfect mentor

    september 18, 2018

    How should a mentor perform his task? As a teacher? No. Like a mother. Or it would be even better, like "Branchia", the head of the aquarium gang in "Finding Nemo". Its goal is not to solve problems, it is to give tools to do it. Only in this way the junior can grow autonomously and become a member of the tea ...

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