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  • intelligenza artificiale

    Artificial intelligence finds the right staff, even if you don’t know you need them

    october 19, 2020

        Can artificial intelligence really help companies find the most suitable persons for open positions? Yes and not only that. For example, it can also find the best talents for the company that is not looking for them at the moment. This is demonstrated by the experience of eCampusWorkapp and Jobs4kitchen.   In the ...

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  • talent management solution exagogica

    Can talent management be a target?

    september 15, 2020

      After ten years of experience around the world with the main Italian companies to map and evaluate the competence of their human resources, we try to explain why meritocratic management in the company is not only possible, but that the commitment of time and the organizational effort involved is money well spent.   Managi ...

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  • il potere nascosto delle checklist_exagogica

    How to evoke the tremendous hidden power of checklists?

    june 11, 2020

      The checklist is one of the simplest and, at the same time, most powerful tools within a large organization. The problem is that in many industries it is used little and badly. It is a pity, first of all, that it is used outside the process of collecting and analyzing information from the field of which it should instead be an i ...

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  • La gestione globale di Salute e Sicurezza a portata di mouse

    Global management of Health and Safety at the click of a mouse

    may 20, 2020

      Health and safety management within large industrial organizations requires a dual approach. On the one hand, managers must enforce specific laws and regulations with which the organization is equipped. We can define this approach as "top-down", that is from top to bottom. On the other hand, those who really live the ...

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  • An informative system to manage continuous improvement

    march 10, 2020

      The continuous improvement activity within a company is normally split our into focused improvement and systematic improvement. Today, people refer to the former through the term Kai-zen and to the latter with a series of abbreviations related to the various methodologies (World Class, Six Sigma, etc.) which find a synthesis in ...

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