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 "We create value squeezing out the best of you!" 




Employees coming from

5 different nationalities.


4 Offices in 3 countries:

Italy, Serbia, Brazil.

We strongly believe in people and team work. Not just in words. We do really believe it. Because it is in the group that human capital has been built. The working group does not consist only in the sum of the capabilities of its people but, above all, in their ways of communication and interaction.
Exagogica is a real laboratory in which advanced models of "bottom-up" organization are constantly tested, with high satisfaction and productivity by all its workers. Being part of our company, it means starting a professional development path and ideas sharing because only in this way it is possible to grow and enhance one's own potential, even for the benefit of the entire company. This principle has become our mission: to design, develop and provide the most advanced information system for the management of continuous improvement in any kind of organization.

- The group is our human capital.

- We create opportunities for professional development.

- Ideas sharing spaces.

- 100% of profits reinvested in Research and Development. 



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