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Our solutions provide a set of functionalities to manage the improvement of the production process. Creating systems to control the production process means "getting your hands dirty", or rather creating the appropriate tools to be used in the workshop. A very meticulous attention is paid to the usability of the applications (the user must always understand what to do) and the data representation is as simple and intuitive.

Operators Management

"Managing the employment of workforce in any production process."
The main efficiency and quality factors of a production line are represented by the operators. Even in the highly automated lines, they control and set the machines, check the non-conformities and ensure the production quality. Therefore, this solution provides all the necessary tolls to effectively manage the production workforce in a company.
Efficient management means:  necessary people always at your disposal, being sure that the operations assigned to them are carried out in the best possible way, operations performed in compliance with safe regulations, requirements required by law duly observed during the performing of the various tasks.  Therefore, efficient management means quality development, risks and costs reduction.

What functions?

Thanks to the experience in complex industrial firms such as those operating in automotive field and specialized in the related components, Exagogica enhanced the tools and methods of "Operator Management" solution making it a complete tool able to manage all the most significant aspects of workforce employment in any kind of production process.
- Manage the compliance of operators in production workstations.
- Manage resource availability according to different production configurations.
- Monitor and renew the certifications required for each job.
- Plan, perform and control training activities.
- Optimize the distribution and shifts organization of operators.
Operators management solution allows the production supervisors to manage their own workforce with the possibility to plan the training of the operators and the shifts rotation in the most effective way.  Moreover, Exagogica solution allows a constant monitoring of the compliance of the resources with all the mandatory requirements.  In this way, the management of specific training on risk prevention and the assignment to the right workstations become simpler and safer. Different levels of details are provided: from the minimum one (team analysis) up to the highest ones (aggregated data analysis of the entire company). 


Process Improvement

"Manage suggestions and proposals for improvement with the related rewarding campaigns."
Many companies applying the organizational paradigm known as "lean production" need to involve their operators in the collection of proposals for improvement and in the related "rewarding" campaigns, assigning them specific rewards based on the number or quality of the suggestions presented.
Thanks to the experience carried out on projects involving thousands of operators and leading to the management of hundreds of thousands of proposals per year, Exagogica has refined the tools and methods of Process Improvement" solution making it a complete tool, able to manage all aspects of the campaigns to encourage the proactivity and rewarding of production workers.

What functions?

The most important feature of our solution is the optimal management of the workflow coming from proposals for improvement.
- Collect suggestions directly from the operators through different possible devices
- Manage the preliminary examination (approval, assignment, implementation) by using exclusively digital tools.
- Certify the results obtained and calculate the relative reward.
- Analyze the proactivity levels of the operators.
- Identify the best solutions and apply them on other application areas.
All the functions provided by our solution can be parameterized, so that each production unit can manage award limits and conversion criteria in prizes as desired. Advanced analysis tools allow you to constantly monitor the level of involvement of employees, the achievement of targets, the overall economic results, making Process Improvement a perfect tool to manage the "improvement on the basis of a bottom-up approach" that each lean organization should implement.


EHS Risk Management

"Ensuring the best working conditions to increase productivity."
Ensuring the best working conditions to the operators in terms of EHS risks and stress prevention, it means to increase the productivity and, consequently, the efficiency of the company.  Law observance is it enough to achieve this goal? Absolutely not.  Current laws observance is a prerequisite, but the real added value of the management of EHS can only be given by  the creation of a continuous improvement system  in which all the suggestions and ideas of workers are examined and verified to ensure increasingly high and functional standards.
It is just this the true meaning of ISO 14001 certifications related to the Environmental Management System and ISO 18001 related to Health and Safety Management System . The company adopting these standards and duly certified, must ensure its commitment to creating a system of continuous improvement. Exagogica solution allows you to do this in a simple, fast and productive way.

What functions?

"EHS Risk Management" is a complete system to promote and list risk alarms related to environmental, health and safety in the workplace.  The system provides tools to implement the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.
- Plan and manage inspection activities.
- Insert the notifications through different digital devices.
- Analyze the causes by following the guidelines and identify the countermeasures.
- Check your activity and the results.
- Apply the most effective solutions to other areas.
- Perform complete and accurate statistical analysis.


Data collection is made much easier by using our Risk Management solution  since it's based on the concept of "zero paper". The reports can be issued through web interface, tablets, sideline totem and anyone can add an alert in a few seconds.
The most important aspect of Exagogica system, however, is the complete management of the workflow resulting from the reports. The system allows to assign the resolution of the problem and manage the improvement project resulting from it until its conclusion and its extension on other similar areas. In addition, the proposer always has feedback about his report, since, he can always monitor the progress of the solution and its outcomes in his private area of the system.


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