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New user registration

  1. Introduction

Dear user, to enable you to use the services available on our site it is necessary that you first register. Exagogica must collect and store some of your personal data as part of this process. There are two types of data we store: common data (your personal information) and sensitive data (your test results).


All of this data will be treated in compliance with current legislation and, above all, the maximum respect for your privacy because Exagogica:

  • Protects data by taking all the necessary technical precautions to avoid unauthorized access to the system
  • Regularly back-up the data to prevent it from being lost due to tecnical errors
  • We do not share your data with third parties for commercial reasons
  • You always have the possibility to modify or request that your data is deleted
  • Supervises the method of collection and processing with the Privacy Guarantor.


In order to proceed with the registration, we need your explicit consent to the collection and processing of your data, both general personal data and sensitive.

  1. Acceptance

I accept the collection and processing of:

You must accept all the conditions to continue.