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Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) represents for us a strategic tool to strengthen our competitiveness because it allows to operate in a more cohesive social context and favourable to economic development. This is why we embraced the CSR definition of the European Commission's Green Paper published in 2001, in which social responsibility is defined as: "The voluntary integration of the social and environmental concerns of companies in their commercial operations and in relations with the interested parties".
In this regard, we comply with the regulations of Social Accountability International (SAI) and we specifically work to implement the overriding issues related to our specific sector in an improving manner  through the adoption of specific measures such as:
  • The promotion of gender equality in job assignment, responsibilities and remuneration.
  • The promotion of the total flexibility of working time and teleworking in order to get a balance between work and family life.
  • The remuneration of any type of work that is provided, including the employment through mixed activities of apprenticeship/ work (internships and trainings).
  • The promotion of a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual work environment.
  • Observance of calendars and holidays in the various countries where our employees and collaborators work.
  • The payment of a salary adequate to everyone's commitment and responsibilities.
  • The limitation of salary differences between managers and employees.
  • The reinvestment in the company of 100% of the proceeds of its activity.
Our commitment to developing a high level of social responsibility is not limited to the relationship that the company has with its own employees, but it's also addressed  towards whoever is interested in us somehow.  Also in this case,  concrete measures are provided such as:
  • The subscription of insurance coverage safeguarding the company and its customers from possible accidents and allowing us to guarantee the continuity of our service under any circumstances.
  • Payment of suppliers as soon as possible and, in any case, no later than 60 days from the service provision.
  • The reduction of waste produced and its separate collection in all our locations.
  • The reduction of energy consumption for lighting, heating and cooling.
  • Openness to collaboration with local communities and organization, through the sponsorship of social and cultural activities, paying specific attention to school-oriented initiatives.
Our belief and mission led us to  identify the  activity of support to the Culture and School as the best application field for our  territorial and Social Responsibility policies since we do believe that the community is, as a group of people living in the territory,  one of our fundamental stakeholders.
This is why we have launched some specific projects that specifically characterize our commitment to  the city of Vasto and surrounding areas.
We support the cultural activities of the Association "Vigili del Fuoco in Congedo", particularly active in the maintenance and enhancement of the monumental heritage of the city. For this purpose, a photographic documentation project named "Tesori Segreti di Vasto" (Undiscovered secrets of Vasto) was launched in 2016.  It ended in June 2016 with a very successful exhibition that saw many following editions in different locations.
Since 2017, we have been supporting the young graduates attending "Pantini-Pudente" Secondary school providing them with an orientation pathway. It is based on the free administering of our assessment tests where all the students attending the last year in the various specialization areas are involved;  the following collection and analysis of data deriving from the resulting profiles and the organization of meetings with the students to share the results.
We have launched ExagogicArt in 2015: a patronage initiative through which we commission, to a local artist,  an original work of which we provide authenticated reproductions on canvas. Then, these reproductions will be given to our customers, together with a monograph about  the artist connected with the themes on which our research is developed.

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