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"Panoptikon, an integrated and constantly evolving platform" 


How it is important for your company to enhance its own efficiency? 

We have been working for years alongside the major industrial organizations and we know how important it is for companies to be more and more competitive, monitor and optimize operations and processes as well as pursue and dominate the change. Our experience allowed us to turn these needs into cutting-edge and highly performing solutions. We have designed, developed and optimized Panoptikon, a modular informative system for the management of the three key factors of the organizational improvement: Human Resources, Processes and Change. Nowadays, we are able to manage solutions in over 120 industrial plants all over the world.
We can constantly measure the results achieved by our customers through our platform.

Why choose Panoptikon?












of competence


With hundreds of functional elements, data and tools, Panoptikon allows you to generate a knowledge aimed at the best possible performance of business processes. 
- Evaluation of human resources, development of skills and training processes.

- Assessment for recruiting and guidance.

- Employment of the workforce, compliance management.

- Management of proactivity and rewarding of the workforce

- EHS risks analysis.

- Projects planning and improvement of the executive workflow. 


How does it work?  

All the data inserted are processed in real time and allow to generate results and reports at any time. This is possible through a totally integrated architecture and the adoption of a specific design paradigm. Panoptikon is an extraordinary platform for consolidating and historicising the results. 



What result?It is possible to perform analyses and make strategic decisions in the management of processes and resources at any time thanks to a variety of data analyses and reports easy to understand.



Quali caratteristiche?

- Integrated system. The strength of the solution consists in the total integration of all the developed functions : they  are all executed in the same database, there is only one user mapping, the same entities are used and interoperating in the different modules.
- Scalability. The specific functional architecture allows the perfect scalability of the solution that can then be used to build information systems for small organizations, as well as complete HRMS for large multinational corporations.
- Usability and Flexibility. Panoptikon is a work environment with very high level features in terms of interface usability and flexibility.
- Safety.  Panoptikon is an extremely stable and secure platform: designed for applications with hundreds of concurrent users.
- In-depth and advanced contextual help system. Panoptikon provides  the user with a particularly detailed and advanced contextual help system (online Help).  The online Help is accessible from every page of the application.
- Two levels of multilingualism: both applicative and semantic. Panoptikon currently manages 6 languages ​​(English, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Portuguese and Spanish), but it can easily be adapted to any language. Moreover, It allows you to translate and certify all proprietary libraries developed by the users (skills and jobs catalogue).


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