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Panoptikon, the platform on which Exagogica bases its entire range of services, is a management system oriented to process analysis born in 2014 and now reaching its third generation. Developed with Microsoft technology (MS SQL Server), Panoptikon is a web application that can be installed on premises or used in the cloud on an infrastructure provided by Exagogica. The modules for managing job matching also offer Saas mode services and contain an artificial intelligence engine. Panoptikon is a corporate level ERP. It provides a series of very different functions. All of them share the same application structure and the same database. Functionalities are organized in 18 different modules, each module being a complete application intended to manage a specific process. All the modules interact one with each other.
Panoptikon is a work environment with high level features in terms of usability and interface flexibility. It is accessible from any type of browser, through http protocol, and is multi-device system: Smartphone, PC and Multimedia kiosks.


What result? It is possible to perform analyses and make strategic decisions in the management of processes and resources at any time thanks to a variety of data analyses and reports easy to understand.

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