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Exagogica was born as an innovative start-up on the initiative of Alessandro Obino, who grants the company a patent (n. TO2013A000608) for the development of intelligent management systems on mobile devices.

The new company brings together twenty years of entrepreneurial experience and the specific skills acquired within the FIAT group for the development of the human resources management system called PD Online.

The company is established with a share capital of 100,000 euros. Massimiliano Gabriele, a young computer scientist coordinates the development of the software solutions that the company intends to offer on the market. He enters the same with 10% of the shares.

The headquarters are located in Vasto, Abruzzo, where the company structures development and system management departments, while commercial and customer management activities are located in Turin.

Company foundation and first contracts with Marelli and Elica groups
Exagogica becomes FCA official supplier
Marelli Manufacturing Standard Organization management worldwide
Start supplying Denso Thermal System and Ariston Thermo
Job matching A.I. system development begins
Exagogica launches Mundamundis, the job search and offer portal
WorkApp digital placement service for eCampus university
Metropolitan City of Milan Employment office services supplied by Exagogica
At the beginning of the year, the new platform for the management of assessments and the release of the new test Draw was released.
New Skill Center platform is implemented in Marelli for global R&D manufacturing knowledge management.

2013: In the year before the formal constitution, the working group begins to form around the project of creating a new software system and sell it to licensed customers. The technological prototype is the system for evaluating blue collars performances in the Kragujevac FCA plant.

2014: Exagogica makes its debut by stipulating the first supply contracts with Magneti Marelli in Latin America and with Elica in Italy and Poland. The license agreement provides that Exagogica retains the ownership of the software and supplies additional data management services.

2015: Exagogica officially becomes FCA supplier. The system provided becomes the standard for the evaluation and development of human resources across Europe. A branch is opened in Brazil to manage activities with Magneti Marelli’s Latam plants.

2016: Magneti Marelli chooses Panoptikon as the platform for Standard Organization diffusion in Manufacturing division (87 plants on 4 different continents). Exagogica develops a prototype for the manufacturing lines reengineering projects management in the Bari plant. Costantia Sofware company as Exagogica’s software factory facility is opened in Serbia.

2017: It is the year of the company’s maximum expansion, with the acquisition of the customer Denso Thermal System. Ariston Thermo, after a one year experimentation in the Genga plant, starts using Exagogica tools all over the world. The company makes significant investments to develop its original total quality system for software development. Exagogica develops an assessment management systems and stars proposing it as a Software as a Service solution.

2018: The production processes reengineering management system developed for Magneti Marelli is extended worldwide. Despite the excellent results, Exagogica statues the diversification of its customers and the progressive exit from Manufacturing sector as a priority. The company delivers an investment plan of € 400,000 for the creation of a job matching solution A.I. engine.

2019: The FCA crisis and the related investment cut leads for the first time the turnover of Exagogica to drop. The company maintains a strong presence in the Manufacturing sector and realizes the global extension of its systems in Denso Tec and the implementation of a financial control system in Ariston Thermo. Exagogica launches the Mundamundis portal for job search and offer. Beatrix Conference, a conference on human capital development, is organized in Vasto.

2020: In the year of the COVID pandemic, the whole Manufacturing sector suspends investments. Exagogica maintains its stability thanks to the licensing policy launched right from the start. The applications of Mundamundis platform begin to spread: Jobs4Kitchen portal, dedicated to the HoReCa sector, becomes the subject of a start-up; Workapp, a revolutionary digital placement service, is adopted by eCampus Telematic University.

2021: In the second half of the year, many companies choose Exagogica for the applications of A.I. to job market and lead generation. The digitalization of the employment office services of the Metropolitan City of Milan starts. The company resumes its expansion and completes its transformation enlarging and diversifying the set of its customers.

2022: At the beginning of the year, the new assessments management platform is released. The new DRAW test on Digital Readiness is added. It joins the pre-existing DReCT and PACE tests, respectively focused on soft skills and leadership/team working. The release of the second generation of Mundamundis system leads to a revision of the services offer. Exagogica brand focuses on the corporate market, while Mundamundis brand is dedicated to subsidiary services for Public Administration.

2023: New Skill Center platform is implemented in Marelli for global R&D manufacturing knowledge management.

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