We have been developing know-how management solutions for 10 years

For 10 years, Exagogica has been providing smart solutions for know-how management in many industrial sectors. With our software, we have implemented information systems in 11 different languages in over 200 factories around the world.
Thanks to our distributed services and our partners, today we can offer to medium and small businesses services that were previously reserved only to the biggest industrial groups.

Stable and scalable high-performance applications.

Exagogica high performance applications are stable and scalable. Our backend system, based on Microsoft SQL Server technology, gives computational power and reliability even with thousands of concurrent accesses.
Our frontend applications ensure high usability also on mobile devices and can be distributed as an application on iOS and Android.

Our clients

Exagogica has a long experience in information systems development for the main Italian companies. Both in the manufacturing and services sector.

Skill center

Exagogica helps workers to build their development plan in collaboration with their managers. The dynamic creation of the company knowledge base makes all training activities more efficient.

Job center

Exagogica innovates recruitment and placement process with artificial intelligence. Predictivity, skill gap analysis, orientation, georeferencing: discover the strength of our solutions for the job market.

Assessment Center

Assessment Center simplifies competency and attitude assessments, enabling quick user activation and generating immediate reports. Results can be analyzed and compared to identify top performers, evaluate different groups or ideal profiles, and identify critical skills for targeted development programs.

Process Manager

Quality, Safety, Environment, Continuous Improvement: Exagogica offers solutions to manage the compliance of operators in production environments, collect data, analyze causes and manage troubleshooting actions

Case studies

For each solution we have delivered there is a story, a path through which we have transformed needs into innovative systems.


Mundamundis consists of a powerful and reliable management system (back end), access to specialized databases of vacancies and training offers, an app with which users can directly access key services, and a web-based posting system for geo-localized ads.

Skill Attitude

Skill Attitude is the name of Exagogica Assessment Center’s public instance by which anyone can access the DReCT and PACE tests for the analysis of soft skills and attitudes to leadership and teamwork.

Custom Libraries

Our systems enable the monitoring of indicators of human factor employment within large organizations. As a result, Exagogica platforms make it possible to measure, monitor and manage the efficiency and effectiveness of people in relation to the context in which they are employed.